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Continuous Spray Mister Bottle

Continuous Spray Mister Bottle

Introducing our 300ml White Continuous Spray Mister Bottle, an essential companion for maintaining healthy and vibrant plant life!


Featuring a convenient continuous spray mechanism, this mister bottle delivers a fine, even mist that gently covers your plants' leaves, promoting healthy growth and maintaining their natural beauty. The continuous spray function ensures consistent moisture distribution without the need for repeated pumping, making it effortless to use.


With a generous 300ml capacity, this misting bottle provides ample water supply to mist multiple plants or to cover larger foliage. Its compact and ergonomic design allows for comfortable handling, enabling you to effortlessly reach all your plants, even those in tight corners or hanging baskets.


Our logo is discreetly place on the back of the bottle which leaves plenty of room for you to add your own branding/sticker to the front!

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