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Laundry Spray bottle and Essential Oil - Lavender

Laundry Spray bottle and Essential Oil - Lavender


Zero-plastic DIY Laundry Spray bottle


• Perfect to use as a DIY laundry spray. Fill up with purified water, add a few drops of our essential oil, and spray on OLSEN+OLSEN dryer balls before every load


• Use on your linens or as a natural home fragrance. Spritz a fine mist over bedding, curtains or clothes for an invigorating pick-me-up between washings


• DIY instructions are included in detail on the amber glass bottle (Sticker-less option also available upon request)


• Zero-waste and plastic-free


• Includes 1x 100ml amber frosted glass bottle + aluminum sprayer (empty)


Oil :



Come in a beautiful amber glass bottle with euro-dropper style child safety cap.  Each bottle is filled to 10ml with our premium quality Lavandula essential oil. 


Our Lavendula essential oil as a balsamic woody undertone with a floral, herbaceous fresh scent.


It is perfect to be use in our DIY Laundry Spray to spray on our wool dryer balls. Each bottle is 24mm in diameter and roughly 66mm tall.   Essential oils should be stored in tightly closed, darkened glass containers in a cool place to ensure lasting quality.


We recommend writing the date on the bottle after opening it so you can keep track of your own essential oils.


Oxidation rates vary, but most essential oils can be safely used for 1-2 years or more after opening.

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