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Multi-Purpose Cleaning Tabs, Refills (3-pack) - Plastic-free

Multi-Purpose Cleaning Tabs, Refills (3-pack) - Plastic-free

Using the Skosh multi-purpose cleaner tablet, you can turn 500 ml of tap water into an effective, sustainable all-purpose cleaner. Run out of detergent? Simply refill with a new tablet!

✔︎ Produced in EU

✔︎ High washing performance

✔︎ Against grease & dirt

✔︎ Eco-friendly ingredients

✔︎ Plastic-free packaging Description:


❁The package contains 3 tablets

❁ Allrounder for dirt + gunk in kitchen, countertops, and dinner table

❁ Cuts through greasy and oily stains

❁ Also effective for grime and stubborn stains on all hard surfaces

❁ Do not use on marble, natural stone, or unfinished wood.

❁ Made with eco-friendly ingredients - vegan certified

❁ Packaged in recyclable paper without plastic


Dimensions: 7.5cmx7.5cm

Net weight:15gr

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